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The Art Laboratory - a studio of interactive creativity and artistic experiments with an educational basis

art 1The Art Laboratory welcomes all.
The boldest experiments in art. Allow yourself to plunge into the world of creativity and creative ideas with the Art Laboratory of the Kasteev Museum.

The schedule and cost of classes can be clarified by telephone: +7(727)3945715
In the art studios of the A. Kasteyev State Museum of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Art Laboratory” can be enjoyed by children of various age groups: from the youngest (4 years old) to young people (16 years old) and older. Classes at the art studio contribute to the formation of students aesthetic perception of the world.

Programs of study in the studio are directed towards the development of imagination and abstract thought. There is also a program to prepare for admission to art schools. In the art studio, children draw with paints, charcoal, pastel, colored crayons, etc. In addition to painting classes, children are engaged in sculpture and modeling, and also create various art objects.