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songs of italy 1Tatyana Nemykina

Hello from Berlin!

I have been in Almaty as a guest and have attended this wonderful concert Charming Autumn Tunes.
It is impossible to pass with the words my incredible feelings that I felt listening the magnificent singing of Oleg Tatamirov, Anastacia Kozhukharova and Damir Saduakhassov!

new art 1Natalya Tartakovsky

I attended a very interesting lecture given by Ekaterina Reznikova Avant-guard, Modernism & Postmodernism at the A. Kasteyev Museum of Fine Art.

I thought a lot, what are the criteria, the exact features that determine the art works of the XXth century from the work of house painter or technical scheme?

Why people throw something handmade away as unnecessary garbage, and estimate others in million dollars and exhibit them in the best world museums? Why city administrations struggle again the graffiti, but graffiti of Banksy are carefully cut from the walls and treated as they are the treasures?

academy lec 1Nazgul Tlesheva

Yesterday I attended a lecture about Claude Monet that was organized by wonderful staff of Kasteyev Museum. 

The lecture was given by unique woman Olga Baturina that told us about difference between the painting styles with easy and affordable language, and what is the difference between impressionism and classicism. Her quiet, unhurried speech was as a melody of stream, reach and sophisticated that I hadn’t heard for a long time.

I understood that I missed such lectures, and felt a feeling of the positive emotions from the received information. That’s why I decided to share my thoughts with you.

I was very happy to hear a lecture about a whole group of French impressionists (Édouard Manet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas and others), about their attitude to the women. It was really exiting to learn that each artist brought his own attitude to his painting, and we need to read their painting correctly.

feed back 2Yesterday A. Kasteyev State Museum of Arts had a regular musical vernissage with famous Almaty’s saxophone player Yaroslav Friedman. Musical vernissage was held in the wonderful hall – the hall of Kazakh Decorative & Applied Art. The art works of this hall are extremely interesting, and the roof of the hall is a tall huge pyramid, so it was so pleasant to be in this hall.

atyrau 6I have been at A. Kasteyev Museum today. My major objective was to see the temporary exhibition of Atyrau Museum - 40 works.  I don’t know about other their paintings, but I am sure that they exhibited the best ones. My father, maybe, would like A. Bazhanov’s work – On the Kaspian See cost, because he was born there. Looking at this picture I thought about my father’s parents, whom we, the grandchildren, never met.  They left Mangistau when my father was 7 years old and moved to Turkmenistan, where my father graduated from Mary Pedagogical College. The director of this college was Adi Sharipov who wrote in one of his books about my father.