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atyrau 6I have been at A. Kasteyev Museum today. My major objective was to see the temporary exhibition of Atyrau Museum - 40 works.  I don’t know about other their paintings, but I am sure that they exhibited the best ones. My father, maybe, would like A. Bazhanov’s work – On the Kaspian See cost, because he was born there. Looking at this picture I thought about my father’s parents, whom we, the grandchildren, never met.  They left Mangistau when my father was 7 years old and moved to Turkmenistan, where my father graduated from Mary Pedagogical College. The director of this college was Adi Sharipov who wrote in one of his books about my father.

I stayed in front of atyrau 5Gulfairus Ismailova’s Bibigul Tulegenova portrait and was delighted. I felt a huge proud on these two most beautiful and talented women of Kazakhstan. And of cause I liked the paintings of Mukhit Kalimov - a portrait of his wife, very beautiful and looked like Zhanna Kuanysheva actress, a portrait of his daughters Dariya and Tolkyn. I saw these portraits not first time and think that they could be exhibited in any large museum of the world. 

Other paintings of modern artists also drew my attention like Fall Roulade and The Rest. At present time there are a lot of exhibitions at the Kasteyev Museum simultaneously. On some of them I even put on the weeps. Four portraits in graphic – Ton-yukuk, Kul-Tegin, Bilge Kagan, Moyun Chora by Kurash Zulfikarov – looked at me from the wall. For my family these people as relatives, we absorbed these names from the childhood – we always tried to assist our father to print on typewriter. Our father – Turkic languages scientist, specialist on ancient Turkic and Orkhon-Enisei inscriptions, an author of the The language of Kultegin Memorial, Kultegin Eskertkish books and others.

atyrau 4I also was very happy that the Museum’s Administration provided other Almaty’s galleries with the opportunity to exhibit their collections. Today my emotional palette gleamed with different feelings - confusion, proud, joy, quite sadness, perplexity, curiosity.

Thanks a lot to you Museum’s team under Gulmira Shalabayeva’s leadership!