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academy lec 1Nazgul Tlesheva

Yesterday I attended a lecture about Claude Monet that was organized by wonderful staff of Kasteyev Museum. 

The lecture was given by unique woman Olga Baturina that told us about difference between the painting styles with easy and affordable language, and what is the difference between impressionism and classicism. Her quiet, unhurried speech was as a melody of stream, reach and sophisticated that I hadn’t heard for a long time.

I understood that I missed such lectures, and felt a feeling of the positive emotions from the received information. That’s why I decided to share my thoughts with you.

I was very happy to hear a lecture about a whole group of French impressionists (Édouard Manet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas and others), about their attitude to the women. It was really exiting to learn that each artist brought his own attitude to his painting, and we need to read their painting correctly.

I would like to start with Édouard Manet. It was very interestingacademy lec 2 to listen how wise was his beloved woman, in spite she was from the village when he proposed her - she refused him, meaning that he is not ready to the married life. In 10 years he proposed her once again, and she married him and they live a long and happy life. The modern generation has a reason to think about how wise women of that time were. He depicted her very often, for example in painting Rail road (My spouse and daughter). The paintings of Manet are different and controversial as Olympia painting. The woman looks more with gage, not with the expectations of man, as artists earlier imagined. It was 19th century, and not every man wanted to accept that is was a process of feminization, and Monet was criticized for such pictures.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir filled all his paintings with warmth towards the women and he was criticized for sentimental paintings.

academy lec 3Opposite to Renoir, Edgar Degas demonstrated full disregard toward women, and earlier I looked at his painting in different way. Olga helped us to look at the impressionists differently. There is a series of paintings about dancers, and one of them depicted the dancers and their trainer in the circle as an animal timer with dogs – this is an undertone of that painting.

Something more about Claude Monet. I honestly didn’t know that he had two wives. His first spouse Camilla Camille Doncieux that we know as a Girl with umbrella. She trusted her love very much in finances, and he rapidly spent all her dowry for his art pieces. After she died, he remarried once again and created a painting Camilla on the death bed. His second wife in compare with Camilla was absolutely different; she destroyed all Camilla’s photos, except of paintings. She managed the family’s incomes, and artist started to live well fixed life, bought a castle with the garden that he loved to maintain, and his famous painting “Water lilies” depicted this garden. He also started to afford travels, and a whole series of travel to England appeared with pink London’s academy lec 4fog, and Westminster Abby.

I met Natalay Tartakovskaya among the attendees, and we walked a bit discussing our impressions. She shared that Museum conduct the Musical Vernissage and I hope I will attend it as well.

Once again I would like express a great gratitude to Olga Baturina, Clara Isabaeva, Natalya Tartakovskaya for such a nice evening and travel to the favorite style of painting.