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new art 1Natalya Tartakovsky

I attended a very interesting lecture given by Ekaterina Reznikova Avant-guard, Modernism & Postmodernism at the A. Kasteyev Museum of Fine Art.

I thought a lot, what are the criteria, the exact features that determine the art works of the XXth century from the work of house painter or technical scheme?

Why people throw something handmade away as unnecessary garbage, and estimate others in million dollars and exhibit them in the best world museums? Why city administrations struggle again the graffiti, but graffiti of Banksy are carefully cut from the walls and treated as they are the treasures?

 What reason had Georgy Kostaki to 

new art 3take from the scrap-heaps, boarded up windows the paintings of Russian avant-guard and to buy them very cheap when nobody wanted them and became the world famous collector? 

It seems to me that shaman’s believes of Kandinsky, his penetration in other worlds were the reasons of his soul’s absolutely wonderful reincarnation. These works of Kandinsky influenced David Paladine so much that he created similar painting and many art historians consider them as Kandinsky’s works.

new art 2What is the art of the XXth century, if these art works do not meet the requirements of aesthetics, they don’t have the tangible embodiment, and very often they are not even handmade – as for example, the tiger shark immersed in formaldehyde.

I would like to thank Ekaterian Reznikova, Clara Isabaeva and Kasteyev Museum for interesting lecture, wonderful selections of information and for the questions which I had and which I face. I thank Academy of Art Asem Alem very much!