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babalar amanaty 1March 4, 2020 at 16:00, the national exhibition “The Legacy of Ancestors” of teachers in the specialty "Art Work" will open at the Central Exhibition Hall of the A. Kasteyev State Museum of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the address: Zheltoksan, 137. The exposition exhibits around 70 paintings, graphics, sculptures, and decorative and applied art from more than 60 participants. The exhibition is dedicated to the 175 year anniversary of the birth of Abay Kunanbaev, a great Kazakh poet and educator, and has the goal to rally educators in Kazakhstan that give their knowledge and skills to future generations.

Pedagogues of creative professions took Abay’s statements from the “Words of Edification” as a basis and with their work prove their vitality and rightness: “If you want to be rich, learn the craft. Wealth runs out over time, but skill does not. He who sells the fruits of his craft without deception is popularly considered a saint”. In this exposition, the authors through various techniques demonstrate the depth of domestic history and culture, reflecting in their work the beauty of Kazakh nature.
Yerzat Mukhtarovich Rakhimov, a member of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s Artist’s Union in parallel with teaching, successfully realizes himself as a painter, conveying his rich inner world through color and form. His works “Heritage of Ancestors”, “Turkestan” became significant and, together with other works of the author, have a great influence on the younger generation.
babalar amanaty 2Kaldybek Balabekovich Saparov, teacher, master wood craftsman, holder of the badge “Парасатты ұстаз”, and member of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s Artist’s Union, aside from his pedagogy creates modern interior design. His works “Family”, “Kobyz”, differentiate his artistic expressiveness and high workmanship.
Kanagat Kalyevich Kodekov is a member of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s Artist’s Union, professor, and winner of the medal of Ibray Altynsarin. In 2014 a personal exhibition of his work “Echo” was held at the A. Kasteyev State Museum of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He is one of the organizers of this exhibit. His works can be found in Turkey, China, Italy, and also in many museums and private collections in Kazakhstan.
Gulnaz Kadyrbaevna Tokabaeva is known in the world of batik for her individual manner, and is an honored teacher. She won the “Ұлағатты ұстаз” medal and is the author of works such as: “Petroglyphs”, “Noon”. Her students are winners of many scientific and creative projects.
Berdibek Suyundykovich Shokparov is a member of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s Designer’s Union, and student of Darkenbay Shokparov. He makes many wooden products, continuing and diversifying the tradition of Kazakhstan folk art. The artist displayed his work at the EXPO-2017 and gave master classes on folk crafts.
babalar amanaty 3Each of the exhibitors have made a significant contribution to the treasury of Kazakhstan and world art. The synthesis of knowledge and the pedagogue’s creative knowledge is valuable in the educational process for the future. By investing all the best in children, we are creating a bright era of humanity. In the life of every person there is that Teacher who opened the way to the future.
Art is a form that lives and manifests itself in every society and person, conveying the true essence of life. The aesthetic education that children achieve thanks to art forms a feeling of perception of beauty as the basis of world perception. Art is called to bring light, enrich understanding, and give joy.
The exhibition will continue until March 31, 2020.
Curator - Aysulu Usentayeva