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gumarov 1March 6 2020 at 16:00, the exhibition of famous Kazakhstan artist Saken Gumarov’s works “Milky Way” will open at the A. Kasteyev State Museum of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The works of Kazakhstan artist Saken Gumarov (1937-1995) are a vivid phenomenon in the national fine art of the late twentieth century. The exhibition includes approximately 30 works from private collections, created by the artist in the period between the 1950s and 1990s.

 Each of Gumarov’s paintings are an unexpected fusion of fantasy and reality, a concentrated embodiment of the author’s thinking about the world and himself. The main style and meaning of his works are, as called by the artist, “thought forms”, bizarre signs-images, anthropomorphic and zoomorphic creature-totems, containing an unusually wide range of associations and meanings. For contemporaries, S. Gumarov was “a mysterious artist, of a spiritual age that didn’t match his physical years”. He called himself “a free artist of free expression of will, free themes, working to the full emancipation in my work”. The highest goal of the master’s art is seen in “the unending procreation and introspection of infinity”.
gumarov 2For more than 30 years, the artist created series of paintings like “Bestiary”, “Thought Forms”, “Mother and Child”, “Abay”, “Expectation”, “Heads and Figures”, and “Creations”. All of S. Gumarov’s works are dedicated to “ridding the world of vulgar materialism”, to saturate it with saving "cosmic mystical energy", to show people the wealth of another reality, opposite to our everyday life.
Saken Gumarov was born in 1937 in the city Uralske (Northeast Kazakhstan), He graduated from the A. Lunacharsky National Institute of Theatre Arts in Moscow and the Leningrad Institute of Theatre, Music, and Cinematography. He worked as a director and actor, and became a member of the USSR’s Journalists Union. S. Gumarov’s works are preserved in private and national collections in Kazakhstan, and near and far abroad. In 1995 a memorial museum for S. Gumarov opened in Uralske.
Text - Amir Jadabayev
Exhibition Curator - Karina Krylova