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angels 4The A. Kasteyev State Museum of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, together with the General Consulate of Russia in Almaty, along with representation of Russian Cooperation in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the community of puppeteers of Kazakhstan “The Center of the Universe of Puppets”, present the third annual charitable auction for children who suffer from cystic fibrosis, named “Time of Angels”. Cystic fibrosis is the most common hereditary disease, characterized by severe systemic damage to the endocrine glands. The disease makes it necessary to take expensive drugs for life and carry out inpatient treatment, reducing the patient's life expectancy. All funds gathered from the auction will go to the charity “Disabled children with cystic fibrosis”. This is the “Time of Angels”, since all the “angels” from different parts of Russia and Kazakhstan “flock” to a pre-auction exhibition to give the joy of life to many children.

klim lee 1Today, the 8 of January, at 16:00 in the A. Kasteyev State Museum of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the exhibition “The Paradox of Mirrors” opens following a press tour an hour prior showing the works of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation and Honorary Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts Klim Lee. Klim Lee for more than ten years has headed the graphics faculty of the Repin Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture in Saint Petersburg, and is now the head of a personal workshop there. Lee is not just a remarkable organizer and pedagogue, but an outstanding modern artist, and nuanced master of various graphic techniques.

tashkent 1The Consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Tashkent, Uzbekistan housed the exhibition “Kazakhstan - Spirit of the Steppes and Mountains” from December 20 through 24, 2019, signalling the completion of the Year of Kazakhstan in Uzbekistan. The exhibition presented the best works of national art by outstanding masters from the museum funds - Abylhan Kasteev, Aubakir Ismailov, Moldahmet Kenbaev, Abram Cherkasskij, Ajsha Galimbaeva, Sabur Mambeev, Gul'fajrus Ismailova, Salihitdin Ajtbae, Dulata Aliev, Zhanataj Shardenov, Sahi Romanov, Abdrashit Sydyhanov, Tokbolat Togusbaev, Kanafija Tel'zhanov, Bahtijar Tabiev, Arij Shkol'nij, Askar Esdaulet, as well as Usbekistani artists - Ural Tansykbaev, Bahtijor Babaev, and Vladimir Burmakin.

gulmira 1On December 12, 2019, at 4 pm the exhibition “Needle Painting by Gulmira Sadykova” will open at the A. Kasteyev Museum of Arts.

Needle Painting is not only the name of the exhibition, but also the conception of her creative work. Working on the paintings with brush, the artists usually create the composition, plan the drawing, arrange the colors. The needle becomes a brush in embroiderer’s hands, and fabric substitutes the canvas. She draws masterfully with the needle and each of her stitch we can compare with the brush stroke.

On December 11, 2019, at 4 pm the exhibition “The Symphony of Bronze” by Shokan Tulesh will open at the A. Kasteyev Museum of Arts. The exhibition presents more than 70 sculptures of artist. His compositions in bronze, marble, wood and glass are free of external narratives and dry realism.

Quite the opposite, we always feel in his works metaphors, grotesque, and symbolic deepness of the image. His sculptures represent comprehensive plastic formula, they intrigue us with their understatement, lyric and expressiveness of sculpturesque expression.