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The Department of Kazakh Fine Art is considered to be the principal part of the whole museum. It contains the largest and the most complete collection of Kazakh painting, graphics and sculpture from 19th century to the present in Kazakhstan. The first acquisitions for the center were done in the early 20th century. The collection is multinational in its composition, as was stipulated by Soviet and Post-Soviet history of Kazakhstan. The collection continues to grow through purchasing, casual acquisitions and donations from individuals and corporations. 

The main mission of the center is to study and systematize the collection of Kazakh visual arts. The researchers realize an extensive scientific plan. One of the priorities of the Department is to prepare for publication the history of Kazakh visual art. The department is also responsible for realization of various editorial projects. The results of this work are the albums, catalogs, articles and other publications on Kazakh art history. The considerable part of the Department's work is a curatorial cooperation with different types of exhibitions. It includes development of the concept, design of the exposition etc.

The staff of the Center organizes cycles of lectures and seminars on different aspects of the history of Kazakh visual arts. The Center has an extensive outreach program designed for different categories of visitors. The traveling exhibitions composed of artworks created by Kazakh artists are shown regularly in various countries.

The Center consists of the two main subdivisions: the Painting Sector and the Sector of Graphics.

Head of Center - Kulzhazira Mukazhanova
Senior Researcher - Amir Dzhadaibayev
Researcher - Samal Mamytova
Researcher - Sandygash Myrzabekova
Researcher - Laura Abildayeva 
Researcher - Erkrzhan Omarova