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The Guided Tour Department is an integral part of the A. Kasteyev State Museum of Arts. The department staff are graduates of art and culture, whose professional efforts, experience, and skills are aimed at fulfilling the main task of the museum - to popularize all museum activities, its collections, and all world art by providing sightseeing and lecture services.

Employees of the department develop and put into practice various forms of cultural and educational activities, organize practical classes in the field of fine and decorative arts, and make contact with higher educational institutions and schools.

The center’s main activities include:
- Cultural/educational work (the organization of lectures and excursions, the development and realization of education programs and other various forms of work)
- Outreach and exhibition work (communication with educational institutions of all levels, art universities, foundations and other organizations of the city, distribution of invitation cards)
- Scientific and methodological work (preparing new topics for excursions, developing new topics for lectures, participating in seminars and conferences, preparing reports for them).

Oksana Tanskaya

Head of the Center


Sholpan Nugumanova 

Head of Guided Tours Sector


Carina Krylova



Akzhigit Nussip


Ainash Aiberova Guide