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The study and popularization of Kazakh Decorative & Applied Arts is one of the priorities in the museum’s work at the current historical stage. The dissemination of knowledge about Kazakh traditional crafts is a responsibility of the Department of the Kazakh Applied Arts. Among the main goals of the Department's work are the popularization and propagation of craft works of the people of Kazakhstan.
The research work includes individual scientific explorations of the staff members. The results of their works are reflected in various publications and albums covering the subjects related to Kazakh traditional culture.

The department prepares the complete museum catalog, participates in organization of traveling and permanent exhibitions. The staff is responsible for a lecture plan, seminars, conferences tours on various themes related to Kazakh and foreign folk arts etc.

Head of Center  Gulaim Zhumabekova
Researcher  Gulnara Zhuvaniyazova 
Researcher  Nataliya Bazhenova