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Central Exhibition hall of the A. Kasteyev Museum of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Custodian Tatyana Kozhukhova
Custodian Temirali Nagimedenov 

The Central Exhibition Hall of the Kasteyev State Museum of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan is located in the heart of the administrative, cultural and business center of Almaty. Various art exhibitions, projects and actions are organized here annually at which the artists from Kazakhstan and other CIS counties represent their art. The Central Exhibition Hall works in accordance with the Museum’s exhibition conception.

The major goals of the Exhibition Hall are to promote the development and popularization of the fine arts of Kazakhstan, form the artistic taste, and widen interests and creative thinking among the population, especially the younger generation.

Аddress: 137 Zheltoksan Street, cross street: Zhambyl Street, Almaty

Tel: +7 (727) 267-40-22

+7(727) 267-40-17

Opening hours: 10:00am -18:00pm, every day except Monday