2018 Annual Report


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Performance of the A. Kasteyev Museum of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan is directed towards the realization of the museum’s main mission, consisting of the conservation and popularization of the artistic heritage of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In its program statement “7 Faces of the Great Steppes”, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev underlines the worth and importance of national culture, spirit, historical and artistic heritage. “The culture that remembers, values, and is proud of its history has a great future. Pride in the past, a pragmatic assessment of the present, and ad positive view of the future - that is the key to our country’s success.” The main guardians of artistic heritage, are museums. Their goals are to conserve and popularize the best samples of Turkic culture, the achievements of nomadic culture, tradition which has been carefully passed from generation to generation for centuries.

The A. Kasteyev Museum of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2018 produced:
- Two major international field exhibitions from the museum’s funds:
- “At the Intersection of Europe and Asia: masterpieces of Kazakhstan Art from the collection of the A. Kasteyev Museum of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan” June 16-July 15, National Art Club, New York, USA.
- “The Soul of the Great Steppe” with the assistance of TURKSOY November 14-24, Ankara, November 26-December 10, Bursa, Turkey.
- Museum Exhibitions: 63 in total, 18 international (the A. Kasteyev Museum of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan: 38, 14 international, the Central Exhibition Hall: 25, 4 international). In international projects, the museum worked with Germany, Israel, China, the Russian Federation, the United States of America, and France.
- New Receipts: 330 storage units (transferred from the House of Arts Education and donated). The total number of funds accounted for 25,147 units.
- Restorations: 171 pieces (131 from the fund, 40 on a paid basis for the Karaganda museum)
- Scientific and Practical Conference: a yearly conference “Kasteev Readings - 2018” on the theme of “Museum in the Age of Hyper-communication: New Approaches” (November 1-2) with the release of the collection of materials.
- Excursions: 610
- Lectures within the Academy of Art “Asem Alem”: 59 (4 by international experts)
- Number of Visitors: 120,627 people
- Information about the museum in the media: more than 2,000
- Press Conferences: 7
- Press Tours: 8
- Ongoing Museum Projects: 9 Musical Vernissages, Night at the Museum (recorded by visitation - more than 7,000 participants), the art studio “Indigo”, the “Magic Lantern” program for school holidays, master classes, museum quests and many further projects.
- Social Projects: Exhibition of artists who have been diagnosed with autism (January, Central Exhibition Hall), international charity exhibition of dolls “Time of the Angels” including an auction with proceeds going to ill children (Central Exhibition Hall, January 14-28), festival of Kazakh traditional art “Rukhani Shabyt” for people with development disabilities and children in orphanages (September).
- Innovative Projects: the museum developed a course of lectures for children and teenagers “Assem Alem Zhastar” (Assem Alem Youth), including complex lectures on the history of art, including periods of music and practical lessons
- Signing of memorandums of cooperation with international and regional organizations: TURKSOY, the Kurmangazy Kazakhstan National Conservatory, the cultural platform “Curator”, and the International Scientific Complex “Astana”
- A number of events to clarify the main provisions of the program article “A Look into the Future: Modernization of Public Consciousness” of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Leader of the Nation N.A. Nazarbayev: meetings with the labor collective and representatives of the creative intelligentsia, speeches and publications to promote the main provisions, meetings with deputies, participation in round tables of the Nur Otan party - 5 events during the year.
- Projects for the museum’s modernization
- Digitalization of works
- Work on compiling an electronic database
- 3D multimedia gallery updated with photo images of sculptures (190)
- Transfer of data on the museum collection to the unified government register (6,126 exhibits per year), and in the Kazakh language (730 items of storage)
- Formation of a database of artists’ signatures
- Scientific publications by the museum’s employees: 44
- Improvement of personnel capital:
- Museum Internships: the head of the Fine Arts Department C.M. Mamytov completed a traineeship in London (September-November), restorer A. Mombekova completed a traineeship on restoration of architectural-cultural history in Saint Petersburg (June)
- Masters Degrees: Two employees are currently studying (Nusip, Kairbekova), and two employees successfully completed their degrees (Tansckaya, Akilbekova)
- Training and Seminars
- Training “Copyright as the Basis of Cultural Entrepreneurship” by PhD in Law Temirlan Bulatovich Tulegenov - January 15
- Training “Art - to Write about Art” Y. Kashtelyuka - February 17
- Training “How to Create an Exhibition: Tibo da Roytora (curator of the exhibition “Borders”) - September 22-25
- A number of Museum seminars on the review of contemporary art literature (publications donated to the Museum by the Garage center for contemporary art) – 6 seminars during the year.
- Round Tables - 8:
- Round Table on the promotion of the Presidential Address - January 17
- Round Table on the World Day of Photography with the participation of professor of art of the Academy of film and television at Turan University, president of the photo club “Medeo” B. D. Korenchuk - August 19
- Round Table on the exhibition “Borders”: Goethe Institute of Kazakhstan -September 20 with the participation of international curators
- Round Table on the results of the festival of Kazakh traditional art “Rukhani Shabyt” for people with development disabilities and children in orphanages - October 4
- Round Table on "Self-promotion of an artist in the art market: how to achieve efficiency within the law” - October 18
- Round Table on the exhibition of young artist “ZhasStar” together with the Fund of the First President - October 19.
- International Round Table on the project “Modern Kazakh Culture in a Global World” (Top 50 artists of Kazakhstan) - October 19
- International Round Table with the Consul of the Republic of Kazakhstan I.V. Pereverzevoy on the opening of the international exhibition of dolls in honor of 200 years of Russian ballet - November 1{/lang}