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The A. Kasteyev collection in the State Museum of Arts is the largest archive of decorative and graphic art works in the Republic of Kazakhstan. It includes about 25000 exhibit items and is considered one of the best collections in the CIS. The primary objective of the storage department is the safe-keeping of museum valuables, and also the creation of favorable conditions for storage and examination. Museum funds are subject to strict governmental accounting, that is why all arriving exhibit items are obligatory registered in the accounting department with corresponding documents and are given serial numbers. Museum funds, systematization, accounting and safety of the exhibits is the basis, on which the museum exists and determines the entire work of the custodians.

Recording art works, which are given to the museum with descriptions of security measures, card cataloguing, photographing of art works, describing, packaging of exhibition and its preparation for departure, work on the general museum catalogue - all of this is just the beginning of the fund custodian’s work. All the collections in the museum depositories are divided according to types of storage: paintings by old masters, old Russian art (icons), paintings of Kazakhstan, graphics, jewelry, leather, weaving, felt, tapestry, contemporary decorative and applied arts, the orient collection and sculptures.

The Accounts Department of the museum, with the assistance of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural organization, developed a special program for work on the collection. All the museum artworks are added to the database with details of arrival and photographs, which is updated with each new artwork added to the collection. This system is the warranty of the whole museum collection.

In the museum and museum funds depositories, everything is provided and considered for correct storage of art works: light rooms, pull-out boards for pictures, shelves, specialized window-cases, closets and tables for graphic works, and rollers for carpets and tapestry.

Centralized air conditioning (warm in winter and cool in summer), maintenance of humidity and light regimes, measurement and regulation of temperature-humidity conditions twice during the working day (in the morning and in the evening) are conducted by a qualified engineer- climatologist. Everything contributes to the correct storage of the museum collection, according to the “Cultural Values Storage Instruction”.

The Restoration Department plays an important role in saving the museum collection. Qualified specialist restorers undertook internships in the leading restoration centres of Russia, and are rightly considered masters of their craft. Preventive examination of museum exhibits in potential need of restoration, description of safety measures, conservation and restoration of works is the everyday work of the Centre specialists. All the processes of their work are reflected in the Restoration Passports and are conducted under the constant control of the Museum Restoration Union.


Moldasheva Gulzira Bakirovna – Chief Custodian

Shkolnaya Irina Arievna – Chief of Recording Department

Group of Funds (Collection):

Olga Gorovykh - Custodian of weaving and contemporary decorative and applied arts

Azamat Karatayev - Custodian of felt and sculpture

Aida Yeleyova – Custodian of paintings of Kazakhstan

Beitbitkul Abirova - Custodian of foreign graphics

Department of Restoration:

Gulzhan Kaldybayeva - Head of the Department

Kulyatay Smagulova – Restorer of paintings

Anna Stepenko – Restorer of paintings

Gulshat Kozhamzharova – Restorer of graphics

Asel Mombekova - Restorer